When speaking about Blockchain people they tend to confuse it with Bitcoin, why?

Oppdatert: 31. mars 2020

The technology building block which allows bitcoin to be distributed and Peer2Peer is called Blockchain.

Indeed, While bitcoin is a very controversial technology, Blockchain is not.

So what is the difference between bitcoin and Blockchain?

Well, let’s use the following analogy.

The Internet is a networking technology….and there exists many application that are built on top of it, such as gmail, Facebook..etc.

In the same way, Blockchain is a networking technology which allows Peer2Peer communication, and Bitcoin is just one example of applications which can be built on top of it.

Many people still confuse Blockchain with bitcoin, because they were invented as the same time, and bitcoin is the first application that was built on top of Blockchain.

But the conclusion is, Blockchain can exist without bitcoin, and it can be used in many other uses cases, even outside FinTech and payment.

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